What it takes to ensure successful teleworking
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Teleworking (aka remote work, work-from-home, work-from-anywhere or any other flavor of working that shrugs daily visits to the corporate office) isn’t a new concept, but it’s perhaps never been more discussed.

As entire workforces suddenly went remote last year in response to the pandemic, businesses that had never even considered teleworking solutions prior to 2020 were now looking to deploy these tools at scale across massively distributed footprints.

Fortunately, AppNeta and roughly a dozen other technology leaders wasted no time in meeting this challenge head-on for enterprises, either enhancing their existing solutions to deliver against the new realities of remote work or deploying their tech across entirely new industries and network environments.

It was our success in helping new and existing customers navigate this new reality of work that helped us win the 2021 Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award from TMCnet, which recognizes technology partners that help remote users thrive outside of the head office.

“Congratulations to the 2021 TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award winners,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “The recipients of this award are recognized providers and developers of software, applications, devices and other solutions that empower remote team members to flourish.”

A track record of teleworking success

Before the world was forced to work-from-home in response to the pandemic, our business strategy mirrored that of our enterprise user base: Support enterprise decentralization and digital transformation with a focus on the remote office and cloud.

But as soon a widespread remote work became the “new normal,” AppNeta pushed forward on the widescale deployment of our SaaS-based, Workstation Monitoring Point that expands IT’s ability to gain an understanding of performance from the end-user perspective.

Gleaning insights into end-user experience shouldn’t come at the expense of network capacity, however, or add another layer of complexity to an increasingly complex network management system as a result of the unprecedented “rush” to WFH. It also doesn’t mean closing the door on monitoring for your main offices and remote locations, especially as these real estate holdings take on new significance in a post-pandemic world.

To ensure all of these network stakeholders are aligned and online, IT and network operations teams require visibility into a host of old and new potential error domains that could derail network-wide connectivity.

AppNeta conducts high-frequency testing to ensure that teams have a near real-time idea of network performance, allowing them to address performance issues quickly and avoid unnecessary project derailments. This goes far beyond just extending visibility into residential workstations, as teams will need to be able to zero in on the performance of any app, for any user, at any time, and from any location to meet the demands of the future of work.

With the deployment of flexible, cloud-based native Workstation Monitoring Points out to remote users, AppNeta arms enterprise IT with visibility into the service delivery chain, third-party networks, and last-mile transmission connecting their remote employees to the core network. Along with the ability to more quickly address remote user complaints, this insight also helps IT teams identify when wireless and residential Internet connections are causing connectivity issues instead of network-wide outages.

What makes AppNeta such an innovator is the ability for teams to seamlessly gain this end-user insight to immediately diagnose end-user performance issues and get ahead of performance roadblocks in a Work From Anywhere world. We wasted no time enhancing AppNeta Performance Manager to scale both the deployment capabilities and depth of insight that IT teams can gain when the enterprise footprint explodes.

As a result, we’re now embarking on our 10th year stronger than ever, with our product continuing to solve some of the most pressing IT challenges out there. Our own success over the course of the past year is a perfect example of ethos in action: Being the enterprise partner for digital transformation.


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