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We were pretty excited here at AppNeta when we got the good news that we got high marks from users in Gartner’s Network Performance Monitoring-Diagnostics category. Gartner’s Critical Capabilities research examines how tech users actually choose and interact with the products they need. The resulting Critical Capabilities document matches industry personas with features, functionality, customer requirements, ease of use, ease of configuration, scale and quality.

How Gartner Measures NPM Vendors

Gartner looks at five key personas in the network performance monitoring category:

  • IT operations manager
  • IT operations generalist
  • Line-of-business owner
  • Network architect
  • Network operator

You may recognize some or all of these job roles in today’s enterprise teams. Within each of those personas, Gartner takes into account five features or necessary functions: algorithmic IT operations, diagnostics, endpoint/component/link monitoring, integration and interoperability and service delivery monitoring. Gartner surveys end users who actually use these featured product to get useful, actionable results.

Gartner ranks AppNeta for line-of-business use cases

Why AppNeta Earned Top Scores

Our users ranked AppNeta highest in terms of navigation and workflow and joint-highest for contextual drill-down and troubleshooting, and for endpoint, component and link monitoring. That’s in the IT operations manager persona category, where service delivery monitoring is very important.

AppNeta also got the highest score by end users when it came to implementation and the cost of maintenance. Overall, AppNeta achieved the highest average rank against all competitors (about a 2.4, or second place), and we got the top score among direct competitors. The line-of-business users require even more service delivery monitoring in their roles, which AppNeta was able to support. We came in a very close second in the line-of-business user category, reflecting the ease of use and valuable reporting features that come standard in our product.

Gartner ranks AppNeta for IT operations manager use cases.

And to top it off, we made Gartner’s Magic Quadrant after not participating last year. We’re thrilled to share in Gartner’s industry-leading research and rankings, reflecting what our customers already know: AppNeta’s performance monitoring tools are built for real-world use and performance improvements that make a difference.

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