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Apparent Networks Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from the early days…Read on!

Greetings.  I’m Jack Sweeney, CEO of Apparent Networks, and I’d like to personally welcome you to our new blog

Our goal with this venue is to provide you with interesting and hopefully useful thoughts and observations about our company, the markets we sell into and the broader technology industry.

We chose to kick off this blog on the occasion of our announcing a new $12 million C-round of venture funding, which is, of course a big day for us.

Having been involved in many money-raising efforts in the past, I was struck by just how different things were this time around.

Not too many years ago, fundraising for young technology companies was easy. During the bubble, money was cheap. And you knew you could always get more at a higher valuation.

Back then, time was the expensive commodity. You never had enough of it. It was all about getting more “eyeballs” faster than the next guy. Remember the importance we all placed on “first-mover advantage”?

Well, things have certainly changed.  With all that irrational exuberance gone, we’ve now swung the pendulum pretty far in the opposite direction. Lately, gloom and doom are the overriding themes of most news coverage.

Amid all this fear and uncertainty about the economy, money has become expensive – it’s now a scarce commodity indeed.  Time is a commodity we now have plenty of, and that’s good news.  With the $12 million in series C funding, we can afford to take the time we need to get it right – to deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing. This new financing comes at a time when Apparent Networks has put in place a solid foundation for growth. We are now clearly positioned to take advantage of the rapidly expanding market opportunity for IT performance management solutions that understand the realities of today’s complex, extended networks and distributed applications.

Apparent Networks’ corporate strength is based on a number of elements. First and chief among them is the strength of our technology. Our patented solutions can provide insight into an application’s entire path, including areas previously beyond the network manager’s line of sight.

Second, Apparent Networks has a strong management team with a long track record of success. The company also announced today that Jim Melvin has joined the company as President and Chief Marketing Officer, and Matt Stevens has joined as Chief Technology Officer. Combined, the two executives bring years of experience growing companies in the security and networking arenas.

Finally, Apparent Networks has the backing of terrific investors. The most recent funding round was led by Egan-Managed Capital and was fully supported by existing investors Bain Capital Ventures, JMI Equity and Business Development Bank of Canada.

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Jack Sweeney

CEO, Apparent Networks

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