Weekly Packet: What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!
by Christine Cignoli on

Happy Friday! Today we’re thinking about teamwork, after watching all those soccer players and relay teams kicking butt in the Olympics. I came across a recent IT trends survey, sponsored by Dell, that breaks out the views of IT decision makers vs. business decision makers. The survey results found that the two groups aren’t that different in what they find important for current and future IT. That’s not so surprising. The rise of consumer technology has pushed even non-techies to know a lot more about modern IT trends. And IT and business goals have become more closely aligned in the modern era—both sides want efficiency, lowered costs and increased productivity. In the survey, the two sides both chose “ability to address issues quickly” as the same top concern about managing the data center. That’s not surprising, either—it’s no fun for any team if there’s an outage or chronic issue plaguing users.

One IT blogger suggests that IT leaders think of themselves as IT diplomats, learning the language of business and getting to know their business counterparts to achieve their tech goals. This diplomat can also define the business’s technology vision and explain how IT’s needs can make the business better. Give it a try—no passport necessary.

Teamwork makes the dream work for IT and business.

On the topic of addressing issues quickly, our newest case study explains how the Bon-Ton retail group figured out how to address their recurring issues quickly with performance monitoring. Before, the IT team was often in the dark, doing its best to support its distributed locations without visibility into guest networks or homegrown apps. Things have improved greatly, and there’s a lot less finger-pointing now.

In the networking realm, the smarties over at MIT have been working on technology to address overcrowded WiFi networks by coordinating access points and how they use radio waves. Ideally, it’ll help users in situations where there are too many devices accessing a WiFi network, like at a convention center or stadium. We’re always interested in how the network is being developed and improved—it’s lagged behind other data center components, and enterprises need good networks more than ever.

The annual VMworld conference starts Sunday, bringing together thousands of IT pros to learn what’s new from one major vendor, and debate what the data center of the future looks like. From this VMware perspective, cloud-native apps and multi-cloud infrastructures will rule the world—and everything will be software-defined.

See you next week. In the meantime, may your bandwidth be plentiful and your WiFi signal be strong.

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