Weekly Packet: User Experience and Networks Both Need Schooling
by Christine Cignoli on

Welcome to Friday, everyone. It’s back-to-school time, and we’re doing our homework on the latest in application and networking news.

This week, we came across this really strong argument in favor of putting user experience at the top of enterprise and website priority lists. This Harvard Business Review piece explores the technical inefficiencies behind poor user experience—and how many companies are choosing to ignore them and instead opt for “user exploitation” for economic gain. But the rate at which users leave a site is increasingly measurable as user experience metrics mature. Google’s “irritation quotient” metric is part of its search algorithm, and they’re making moves to stop web advertisers from totally turning off users.

The first-ever Forbes list of the top private cloud computing companies reflects just how huge the cloud computing market has become. It’s a varied list, which includes companies that blur the consumer, small business and enterprise lines (SquareSpace, MailChimp) and dedicated enterprise companies with security and collaboration products, like Slack and Okta.

And in non-breaking news, there’s still work to be done for the network to catch up to the rest of the data center, and fast, as cloud continues its relentless spread. This SearchNetworking.com story advises against simply upgrading switches, instead recommending that IT teams work on simplifying the network and optimizing it for cloud workloads. Optimization, security and stability should be the primary goals of a modern network. Those goals may take some time to accomplish, but many IT teams are kicking the tires on new technologies that can help.


Keep those pencils sharpened, and enjoy the week ahead!

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