Weekly Packet: Sometimes Technology Throws a Curveball
by Christine Cignoli on

It was a rough week for Samsung and its combusting phones. This piece breaks down the supply chain issues facing global manufacturers like Samsung. It comes down to visibility—there are so many moving parts in building a product like a smartphone that it can seem nearly impossible to see every step of the process. We know something about visibility in a distributed world, too, as technology products and services proliferate and exist in cloud data centers, out of sight. Like monitoring software, supply chain technologists are coming up with some pretty interesting solutions to visibility problems.

If you, like us here at AppNeta, love GIFs, you’ll be glad to hear the news that the U.S. National Archives has launched a collection of free historical GIFs. It’s a fun work distraction, as are so many things in tech.

Speaking of IT old and new, HP announced more layoffs in its computer and printer division. They’re not alone in seeing slumping sales of PCs and other hardware, all reflecting the shift in IT over the years. The old cycle of legacy IT included refreshing servers every three years, and maintaining employees’ desktop PCs with regular software upgrades. Cloud, BYOD and virtualization all add up to mean that server vendors are rethinking their approach. In another move this week, VMware and AWS announced a partnership where VMware’s infrastructure software will all run on purpose-built AWS infrastructure. They’re both hoping to capitalize on the hybrid cloud trend.

Finally, here are some useful questions to ask your SaaS provider when you’re considering the big tech issues around storage, backups and security. These may help inform your SLA discussions to ensure you get the best support and assurances. You may not want to consider the worst, but it’s better to plan for it (see: Brad and Angie’s prenup).

Enjoy the weekend, and keep on innovating.


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