Weekly Packet: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means to IT
by Christine Cignoli on

This week brought a few great stories about IT gaining more respect as a critical part of business success. First, this Forbes story takes a detailed look at IT jobs and the cloud to delve into how IT’s role is becoming more clear. It’s a reminder that we’re moving past the initial “cloud will take my job” fear that came with the big tech shifts of the past decade. The story draws from a recent survey on the cloud tipping point that found that more than half of executives and managers (not just in IT) have a cloud-first policy for new business apps. And 72% of execs said that the shift to cloud raised IT’s relevance to the business, especially in terms of making smart decisions about how to move to cloud and avoid sprawl. It turns out that knowledgeable techies are even more important to the business, now that technology is so enmeshed in all of our work and personal lives.

This Unilever case study is a good real-life example of IT taking the reins of a digital transformation at a huge corporation. Unilever’s first CIO with a tech, rather than a business, background, led the change. (Now there’s an innovative idea.) The company moved from having a lot of duplication and a lack of experimentation to bringing IT into business meetings and getting away from a project-based process. They’ve found that the changes have helped close the adoption gap between technology consumers use and technology that businesses can adopt at scale.

AWS’s annual gathering, re:Invent 2016, is coming up soon, and Cloud Technology Partners offers a look at what hot topics we may see there. They expect to see a push toward easier data migration using cloud, so that enterprises can start tackling giant, disparate data siloes. There should be plenty of fun buzzword spotting at the show too, with various vendors pushing IoT, machine learning and other topical solutions. We’ll be there, showing off our proven cloud monitoring solution—look for AppNeta at booth 2834.

This week, networking improvement news comes from Facebook, which is working on open packet technologies to help solve the problem of increasing bandwidth, while keeping backhaul infrastructure scalable and affordable. Looks like network engineers will keep being as busy as their counterparts driving cloud computing.

Until next week, keep on innovating and finding a seat at the business table.

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