Weekly Packet: Public Cloud, Big Data Rule the Roost
by Christine Cignoli on

Watch out for lock-in, and consider a cloud broker. These are some tips on using public cloud that came out of discussions with a group of reps from large enterprises who have been working with the Open Networking User Group. There are some concrete tips on negotiating pricing and ensuring security—all very useful advice now that cloud is here to stay.

This week, Microsoft announced its Azure Bot Service preview, interesting because it’s built on the company’s serverless compute platform, Azure Functions, which it founded in response to AWS’s Lambda. The Functions concept allows bots to be scaled on demand, so developers working on intelligent bots should be happy to hear this news. Serverless computing allows IT users to deploy code in the cloud without provisioning or managing servers. Of course, no computing is truly serverless. But in a virtualized world, developers can now leave the server-related work to others.

Big data is on many enterprises’ to-do lists, and public cloud is settling in as a good place for that analysis to happen. It makes sense, since big data requires a lot of powerful computing infrastructure. The cloud can offer high performance and scalability, plus security. The trend toward big data in the cloud could be aided by faster data migration to the cloud, one of the possible hot topics that’ll come up at AWS re:Invent this year.

From the department of Technology in Space: Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket company plans to send $10 billion worth of satellites (4,000-plus of them) into space to provide high-speed internet coverage. Of course, the company has had some recent issues with rockets exploding, so there’s another obstacle to achieving high-speed internet.

We’ll be off for the Thanksgiving holiday next week. Have a peaceful Turkey Day!

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