Weekly Packet: Post-Brexit Cloud, and Why to Keep Apps On-Premises
by Christine Cignoli on

Happy Friday, all, and thanks for voting on the name of this weekly roundup blog post. The big winner was “Weekly Packet,” so let’s get started on volume two.

AWS and other cloud adoption could rise in the wake of the Brexit decision over in Europe, as a Forbes contributor reports. I find this fascinating, since strict data regulations had made cloud prohibitive for some European data centers. The end of Safe Harbour regulations in 2015 also seemed like it might presage a move toward on-premises infrastructure in Europe. But the research in this piece makes the point that Amazon and other cloud providers can offer faster, cheaper IT apps and services, minimizing financial risk at a somewhat precarious economic time in the U.K. AWS also plans a London data center in the next year or so, which addresses the data sovereignty issue nicely.

Brexit and cloud adoption

The tech news of the week on Yahoo’s sale to Verizon brought up lots of commentary, much of which mentioned Yahoo’s inability to modernize and stay agile in a fast-moving tech world. This need to modernize—though at a different scale—is playing out in lots of other businesses today, as SaaS, mobility and distributed environments come together. Of course, my take is that Yahoo really went downhill when they stopped using their exclamation point. Kidding, of course! I’m never on board with an extraneous exclamation point.

Did you see our recent webinar recording? The part that I found especially useful was when our speaker, an R&D manager at a cloud software provider, explains why he decided not to move an app to a cloud environment after doing some research into its performance. They measured performance of the app hosted on an in-house server against the same app running in a cloud environment, and chose to keep it in-house. There are tons of benefits to moving applications to the cloud, but knowing those details is the key component to making the cloud work for you.

Tell us in the comments if you’ve done some research into where to host an app. I won’t judge you if you use an extraneous exclamation point, I promise. See you next week.

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