Weekly Packet: Let the Robots Do the Work
by Christine Cignoli on

It’s the Friday before Labor Day weekend in the U.S., which is a day to specifically not labor at all. But here’s a fun fact: Labor Day was created not as a day of rest for workers but actually as a day to honor the contributions workers have made to the well-being of the U.S. So give yourself a pat on the back on Monday for the work you do. Working in IT often means solving new problems and finding fulfillment in making others’ jobs easier—not to mention uncovering the future all the time. That’s something to celebrate.

The humans might have a day off Monday, but there’s been a lot of talk about advances in artificial intelligence technology lately, and we’re seeing more potential business uses cropping up. Will we someday see artificial intelligence as a business-critical cloud app? More likely, the technology will be worked into the business applications of today and the future. Salesforce.com will discuss its AI integration plans at its Dreamforce conference next month, and Microsoft recently acquired a smart scheduling app to further its embedded AI goals.


It’s September, so we’re definitely entering conference season. The Cloud Foundry European Summit in a few weeks plans to focus in part on multi-cloud deployments, reflecting hybrid cloud’s place in enterprise IT. It’s a trend that seems likely to stick, given that enterprise needs vary so much. Any particular enterprise has its own set of applications, and has to decide which applications can go to the public cloud, and which should stay on-premises. It’s a constantly changing balance, as new apps come online and business needs shift.

Does it feel like the first decade of cloud went by awfully fast? Cloud was the next big thing for so long, but we’re hearing about how it can continue to innovate. One Forbes contributor assesses where cloud computing stands today. He sees public cloud as having reached a plateau in its evolution, and offers up six new technology trends that cloud providers are exploring now. There are some very cool concepts in here, such as serverless computing, which uses modular, one-task functions to compose a complete application. There’s also insight into cognitive computing and AI finding its way into cloud offerings, plus the intriguing concept of containers as a service.

While you digest those deep cloud thoughts, enjoy the long weekend. We’re sure that with monitoring, you’ve eliminated the causes behind most of your latency or downtime. Put that data center on autopilot and have a relaxing holiday!

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