Weekly Packet: IT Gets Busier, Downtime Gets Pricier
by Christine Cignoli on

Welcome to Friday, and may yours be pleasant and relaxed, even in light of this piece of news: IT may need to add User Awareness and Adoption as something to consider along with the rest of its big to-do list, according to a recent Nemertes Research webinar based on its research. The “UAA” acronym refers to the idea of making users aware of what technology is available to them. It shouldn’t just rest on IT’s shoulders, but come from the bigger organization. Still, it’s another way that IT is being asked to take on an evolving role in the business, while still having to keep systems running, improving performance and innovating on top of it all.

And IT is clearly pretty busy already. A Kensington report shows that IT teams are primarily dealing with help desk and troubleshooting tasks. Nearly half of the survey respondents (44%) said a lack of time and resources is their top challenge in managing IT solutions, while 40% named insufficient budget as the top challenge.

Speaking of the difficulties of keeping systems up and running and users happy, we came across some new data from Aberdeen on the costs and effects of downtime. If you feel the same instinctive panic that I do just seeing the 404 error graphic, read on to get more detail on measuring downtime costs, both easily quantifiable and more difficult to assess, like those around lost productivity. The most worrisome part may be that modern systems and processes aren’t guaranteeing more uptime than in the past. (Of course, we think application monitoring can put IT in a position to avoid downtime in the first place.)


And there’s also an excellent update on the state of network performance monitoring from the Digital Enterprise Journal, which will release the full study next month. The tidbits reinforce what we’re hearing and seeing here at AppNeta, which is that new use cases need modern monitoring, and that emerging network technology should help make the network a more prominent force for good in enterprises.

Avoid black holes in your infrastructure by monitoring everything you’ve got. We bid you safe travels on your journey to full visibility—we’re here to guide you along. Have a good weekend.

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