Weekly Packet: Ghosts, Ghouls and Graveyards
by Christine Cignoli on

It’s Halloween weekend! Do you have any ghost issues in your IT infrastructure? Those are the ones that are hard or impossible to reproduce, and usually take the most time to find and fix. Performance monitoring will help you sweep those lurkers right out the door, so you won’t be scared to walk the data center aisles alone. IT teams are often the ghostbusters in an organization, hunting down the problems users report.

Ghost issues are the bane of IT

In other ghoulish news, there are a bunch of products Microsoft sent to the graveyard this year. It’s interesting to see what didn’t make the cut during 2016. Most of them never really made a splash, though the death of Vine this week is something to mourn for many users.

Cybersecurity problems are a truly frightening part of technology today, like the massive DDoS Dyn attack last week. The latest news is that amateurs were likely behind the DNS server hit, which was the largest of its kind in history. If amateurs could knock out major websites for hours, what could experts do?

While initial resistance to the cloud was security-related, that’s not the case now. The CEO of AWS says that the cloud is still the safest place for enterprise workloads. The Dyn attack did affect some AWS customers, but they were rerouted to other DNS providers—which is a good example of the flexibility of the cloud and advantages of its scale.

We also liked this excellent case study on AstraZeneca’s move to cloud services as a way to insource, consolidate and standardize its infrastructure. These large companies investing in cloud apps are really the proof point that the cloud is secure, even in heavily regulated industries. There’s also the excellent point in here that enterprises shouldn’t move to the cloud just for the sake of the cloud. A move to the cloud should happen because it solves a particular business problem.

We wish you a ghost-free infrastructure and a lot of spooky Halloween fun this weekend!

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