CEO Notes…VOX Telecom off to a roaring start with PathView Cloud!
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I spent last week with one of our newest, and most exciting partner, VOX Telecom in South Africa. It was an incredible trip!  Matt Stevens (AppNeta CTO) and I arrived in Johannesburg (Jo-berg) on Saturday morning after a 15 hour direct flight from NYC (!).  We were greeted by the VOX management team, and whisked away to “the bush.”  While it was only a 48- hour safari, it was a really incredible experience.  We were in and amongst the wildlife with a number of truly memorable highlights.

Of significant interest, we spotted “the big 5″ to see on Safari (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino).  It was unbelievable to be 10 – 20 feet away from each of those animals! And not only to be so close to them, but they spiced things up when we were charged by a pack of elephants, roared at by a lion, and I came nearly face to face with a Kudu walking to my room at the lodge.  Incredible!  If you haven’t been, I’d highly recommend it.

The other amazing part of this trip was the energy and enthusiasm delivered by the team at VOX.  When was the last time that you met a work team that turns climbing Kilimanjaro into an annual corporate outing (they do!).

A long time industry leader in South Africa, VOX Telecom provides a wide range of value added IP services on top of a robust bandwidth business.  We have been working with VOX for the past several months to get their PathView Cloud environment up and running; they are delivering PathView Cloud to South Africa from their data centers.  The VOX portfolio of IP services includes VoIP, Video Conferencing (a Polycom Gold partner), Virtualization Services (VMWare partner), Backup, Digital Fax services, and more.  As is the trend today, these are all “performance sensitive” services.  VOX has been looking for a solution to deliver the value of PathView for a long time, and now they have it!  All of VOX’s services are on their way to being “network aware,” and VOX bandwidth customers and partners now have easy access to the latest and greatest PathView Cloud capabilities.

Our visit featured three launch events, which drove nearly 200 people onto the VOX campus for an introduction to AppNeta, and PathView Cloud by VOX. While this was certainly not my first partner launch event (by a long shot), I’m happy to report that this was certainly one of the best that I have ever attended. Other highlights of the week were 1 x 1 meetings with ~20 key VOX customers and partners, who are looking to deploy PathView Cloud in their environment.  These included several leading banks, manufacturing, and mining companies.

Given that we had 20 customers signed up PRIOR to the launch event, it certainly seems like PathView Cloud by VOX is off to a roaring start.

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