Virtual Network Performance
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PathView When companies were using virtualization technology to consolidate IT infrastructure that wasn’t truly real-time in nature, the network performance of these virtual machines was not a major concern. Generally, all they had to do was put a Gig E card into the host and everything would work itself out fine. All of the VM monitoring and management tools focused on CPU, memory and disk utilization and did not pay much attention to network performance. Sure the network performance for each VM was still atrocious, but that was overshadowed by all of the other efficiency gains of implementing VM technology.

With VM based deployments becoming the standard for infrastructure, the performance of virtual networks is becoming more critical. In PathView 2.0 we have filled a critical hole in the tools available for monitoring your VM infrastructure. Because our monitoring techniques traverse the network – both physical and virtual  and the same as users and applications accessing these VMs – we can accurately tell you how well, or poorly, your VM network performance is.

We spent a considerable amount of time tuning our monitoring and diagnostic capabilities so that our results are as accurate to VMs as they are to physical operating systems, and they are done in a way that does not impact production application performance. And because we can monitor to targets over networks that you do not own and or control, these same VM enhancements benefit our monitoring of cloud-based systems which are using virtualization technology at their core.

So for people running production VM environments or responsible for the network in VM-centric IT environments, PathView 2.0 should be a key addition to your monitoring tools. The capability to see through the cloud of your physical network, virtual switches and virtual network cards to monitor the true network performance of VM infrastructure and diagnose network problems anywhere along this path closes a critical gap in your IT toolkit.

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