Putting the “Value” in Time-to-Value
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In today’s business climate, organizations are risk averse and looking for rapid payback on their IT investments. These are key reasons why cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments have become so popular so quickly – and why time-to-value is now a focal criteria in evaluating IT solutions.

Time-to-value is fundamentally a measure of customer experience. How high are the time, effort, planning and training hurdles an organization has to jump before it experiences tangible business value from an investment? Offering much lower cost of entry and a pay-as-you-go utilization model, cloud-based deployments offer time-to-value equations no on-premise solution can hope to match.

So why does on-premise software still exist? One reason is that some on-premise solutions may still offer greater long-term business value than SaaS alternatives, by supporting integrations and customizations that push the limits of today’s SaaS models. Another reason is that businesses are looking to get maximum leverage from the investments they’ve already made in on-premise IT.

The ideal, “grand slam” IT investment is one that combines rapid time-to-value with massive long-term value plus the ability to squeeze more value from what you already own

So how are we defining value? How do you know you are investing in technology that will deliver network performance management quickly and effectively?

  • It’s easy to buy. Today, cloud-based technology offers all the advantages of SaaS. Low-cost, easily configurable, plug-and-play bundles that give any size organization everything it needs for one predictable monthly price.
  • It delivers huge business value. When managing your network, it is critical to have affordable, real-time, end-to-end insight into the performance of your network-dependent applications like unified communications, cloud/SaaS applications and virtual services.
  • It comes with everything you need. Integrated performance management services include active bandwidth monitoring, active application performance monitoring, remote flow generation and analysis and remote packet capture – all in one.
  • It works with what you have. You need a solution that can be cost-effectively deployed across any IP infrastructure. And can measure performance end-to-end from wherever a service originates to wherever it’s consumed, even over networks you don’t own.
  • The technology is proven. Achieving value can only come from a tried and true technology that is proven to deliver exceptional performance and predictable service levels across data center, remote office, mobile and cloud/SaaS environments.

AppNeta’s instant-value, cloud-based network performance management service is that kind of game-changing play for network performance management and networked application delivery.

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