Dashboards for Line of Business Managers
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Department managers need to be aware of the productivity issues their teams are having, particularly with respect to the applications they need to use throughout their workday to get their jobs done. Today’s organizations are using SaaS applications more predominantly — sales, service and support departments are usually relying on Salesforce to provide them with critical customer data, while the marketing department is utilizing Marketo to execute their tasks more efficiently.

If the SaaS application(s) a department is counting on to do their jobs has spotty connectivity or slow performance, the entire department will endure the setback. For that reason, the department managers need to be on top of any application performance issues their teams are having to avoid any impact to meeting their department goals.

Responding to that need, today AppNeta is announcing our unique User Experience Dashboards for Line-of-Business managers as part of our SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM) solution. The User Experience Dashboards enable business managers to monitor and manage the applications they rely on in real time.

Using Apdex scores to evaluate the overall performance of SaaS applications, while integrating information about each application and users’ locations, the Dashboards provide performance views along the entire application path – from the end user, through the network to the application itself.

Using the Dashboards helps to close the accountability gap between SaaS vendors and IT teams by providing line-of-business managers with the information to:

    • Shed light on performance-related user experience issues;
    • Manage around application performance issues;
    • Better communicate their end users’ experience back to IT and the SaaS vendors; and
    • Minimize finger-pointing and enable collaboration between business owners, IT and SaaS vendors to quickly pinpoint and resolve user experience issues.

To learn more about the new SAM User Experience Dashboards for Business Managers, check out our press announcement released today.

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