TraceView UI Updates
by March 12, 2015

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AppNeta’s products are designed to save you time, which means that they should be easy to use. Consequently, we’ve been doing a lot of user testing recently: sitting down with both new and old customers to watch and listen.

We learned a lot, and today we’re rolling out the first wave of updates to the TraceView UI.  Our team is excited to share the new look with you!



App Selector

As TraceView has grown, so has the size of our typical customer. Some have dozens and dozens of apps! As we worked with these users, we found that app selection was unnecessarily challenging. So, the former drop-down menu has been replaced by a searchable menu: you can type to search in the app selector on the top left of the page.

TraceView UI

We’ve added a new tab for Synthetic monitoring, and also made it easier to see Apdex score, Errors, Alerts and Host counts for the current app at a glance.


Slicing and dicing of data in TraceView is one of the most powerful features — so we wanted to make the current set of filters even more prominent and easy-to-use. You can now see all of the selected filters in a persistent bar across the top of the screen. Click “x” next to any filter to clear it.

TraceView UI2

Updated graph controls

To make it easier to navigate to the heatmap and trace details view from the main app page, we’ve broken these out into their own tabs. We’ve also introduced a new UI for the heatmap selection widget, and a quick zoom to the 95th percentile.

TraceView UI3


Finally, the most obvious change you’ll notice is that our the top navigation bar has been given a fresh new look which matches our brand. It also reorganizes some of the commonly used functionality — you’ll now find your account and billing information under the user dropdown.

TraceView UI4

Teamwork in action

We hope you’re excited by the new improvements. But that’s not all that’s new— we’ve also got a few new members on our team! This was the first project for our two newest team members, Katie and Chris. If you’d like to join the team, we’re hiring in Boston, Providence, and Vancouver.

As usual, if you’ve any feedback we’d love to hear from you: