Tracelytics Acquired By AppNeta: We’re One Step Closer to Tracing Everything
by June 21, 2012

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AppNeta no longer blogs on DevOps topics like this one.

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Tracelytics AcquisitionWe are excited to announce that Tracelytics has been acquired by AppNeta, an innovative network and end-user performance company.  With our powers combined, we provide complete, end-to-end performance management to our customer: from the browser, through the network, to the application, and down into application code.

AppNeta has built great technology and a fantastic product around network performance management and end-user monitoring. We’ve been focusing on providing insight into what’s going on in complex, distributed applications. And now, we’ll be the first company to provide truly complete, end-to-end visibility all in one place.

In March, we closed our Series A. With a great set of investment partners, our loyal customers, and everything that we’ve learned since we started back in June of 2010, we set off on the next stage of the Tracelytics journey. Our best efforts were not enough to predict where we would be just four months later.  It’s one of those occasions where aiming for the stars lands you in a distant galaxy.

We’re very excited about the future.  Today we’ve taken a big step towards our goal of tracing everything.