Top 5 Ways to Impress Your Boss with Remote Network Performance Management!
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  1. Improve Reliability

A reliable network means peace of mind and happy end users. The ability to remotely monitor and troubleshoot all business critical applications from one interface will allow you to pinpoint issues before the end users pick up the phone to complain, or submit support tickets. Remotely diagnose and remediate issues without disrupting business operations and reduce incoming issues at the same time!

  1. Know your available bandwidth and reduce costs

Show your boss where the money is going! You need to be sure that you are getting exactly the amount of bandwidth your company is paying for. The only way to do this is with insight into your utilized and available bandwidth capacity.  Too often the response to a remote network performance issue is to purchase more bandwidth. This wastes your precious budget and does not remediate the root cause of the issue. Present your boss with a graph of the available, achievable and utilized levels of bandwidth to either validate a service or support a suggestion for change. Then,  go one step further and show your carrier the report and make you get what you believe you’re paying for!

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3. Ease of Expansion
As your business grows, show you can keep up. When the company brings on new employees, new sites and applications you should always pre-assess your network capacity prior to increasing the demand on the remote network. Assess and then continuously monitor the new users or applications to proactively assure a successful roll out or increased usage.

4. Stay on the Cutting Edge
All competitive companies want the latest and greatest technology. And they wanted it yesterday. Technology is changing everyday and the complexity of network performance is increasing all the time, which can be overwhelming for day-to-day management. IT performance and business operation performance are one blurred line. Tell your boss with confidence that you can handle “The Cloud.” Stand out from competitors by leading the charge by preparing your network for new cloud-based services and assuring performance of these applications.

5. Have Evidence
Eliminate a finger pointing game with your carriers, who will of course deny performance issues with their service. Find where the issue is occurring in their network, run a report and send it over to the provider ( I suggest CCing your boss : ) ) to prove that you know where the issues are happening and demand they are resolved.

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