To show employees support, AppNeta taking Fridays off in June
by Matt Stevens Matt Stevens on

You learn so much by just listening.

We recently surveyed the AppNeta team to get a sense for how they were feeling about working from home, returning to the office, and balancing work and family life. We heard loud and clear that the added stress and anxiety these past weeks has really taken a meaningful toll.

We’ve worked really hard to keep the entire team in lock-step with each other and to provide as much managerial guidance as we can from afar, but there’s no stopping the days from blending together and emotions from running high during these trying times.

Time away from work and screen felt like an obvious answer given our existing unlimited vacation policy. But listening to the team taught us that it’s hard to think about taking a day off when your options for doing things outside the home are clearly constrained. And while the initial intent to “grab some time” was there for most, it’s just too easy to sneak back to the screen for “one more thing”, or even for a distraction from things in our personal lives.

Now more than ever before, it’s vital for everyone to give themselves a real break to stave off burn-out before it takes too deep of a hold. After all, we work to live - not the other way around.

We’ve seen other companies giving employees one day off. While we believe this is the right spirit, we just didn’t feel it was enough to materially alter the burn-out risk profile.

To broadly encourage some healthy time away from screens big or small, we’ve decided that AppNeta will be closed on all four Fridays in June. These four days are fully paid and are on top of any other time off employees may be planning to take. It’s just our way of letting our teammates know that caring for themselves and their loved ones is every bit as important as caring about their work.

We’re a family here at AppNeta. Even if we can’t tell each other in person that we care, we can take action to show those sentiments and we’re confident our team will be healthier and better able to empower customer success in the long term as we inch back to some new state of normal.

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