The Straight Goods – Part 3 of 3
by Team AppNeta on

Apparent Networks Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from the early days…Read on!

Don’t you hate when service providers refuse to acknowledge the issue is on their end?

It really annoys me when a support team fobs you off with generic answers showing their thinly veiled disinterest. For this last tale I chose one very close to home for us here at Apparent.  I want to show that we practice what we preach!  We use a hosted VoIP provider that offers multiple servers throughout North America.  We started seeing sporadic voice loss to one particular server, Server X.  When the issue was raised to the attention of our provider, it was suggested we simply use one of the other servers.  We did this, but we wanted to prove a point and here’s how we did it: Whenever we saw an issue on Server X an issue was raised.  At first we received canned responses indicating a possible issue with our network.

Ok, I thought, they don’t know how to read the diagnostic… Let’s help!  I proceeded to setup microAppliances across 3 ISP networks here in Vancouver.  The next time we saw an issue I proceeded to forward path monitoring & diagnostic data from 3 sites reflecting the same issue at the exact same time.  I provided a brief write-up explaining what it all was, and this time they listened!  The case was escalated to the senior engineering team straight away and a big thank you was sent back for bringing the issue to light! !

So there you go; nothing but the straight goods.  Got a question?  Ping support.  We’re here to help.

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