The Straight Goods – Part 1 of 3
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Apparent Networks Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from the early days…Read on!

Isn’t it an awful feeling when you’re told something by someone who has a vested interest in you believing them?  Let’s face it, who has ever wholeheartedly believed what a salesman told them?  Yeah, there are cries of  ‘snake oil!’ in my head when I’m approached by these types.  So, I’m here to give you the goods.  I work on the Support team here at Apparent Networks and  over the next three days, I’ll bring you a few tales of performance management woe, and how Apparent Networks solutions came to the rescue… Really!

The first case involves an MSP responsible for the local data network. This site consisted of a business cable internet uplink with two LANs onsite; one for data, the other for voice.

The challenge was this: The client’s VOIP call quality was suffering and it was up to this MSP to prove a LAN fault, ISP fault, or VOIP system fault.  You guessed it – everyone was pointing fingers at each other!  Ok, so, how do you tackle this problem? The client installed the PathView & the FlowView Plus switch in the data LAN as they didn’t yet have permission to touch the VoIP LAN.. We set-up single- ended & dual-ended paths to one of the public Apparent Networks responders.  Why both? The dual ended path gave us a dual-ended view of UDP packets but it couldn’t provide full diagnostics because mid-path devices don’t respond to UDP.  Couple this with a single ended path to show diagnostic data – and voila; a complete picture!

What did we find?  We found crazy oversubscription of the link.  Because we used dual-ended we knew upstream was the direction that was saturated.  Great, step one done!  The next question I’m always asked is ‘what is this data and who is causing it?’ FlowView Plus to the rescue!  We ran a capture and within minutes we knew we had computers on the network uploading loads of mail to a hosted mail provider!  One firewall rule later and our MSP client was very happy that they restores voice service as well as fixed a previously unreported slow internet issue!  It’s always nice to uncover problems you didn’t know you had!

Ok, stayed tuned for The Straight Goods Part II…

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