The Market is Migrating to Google Apps
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In my last blog, I talked about what to consider as you migrate to Office 365. As we all know, Microsoft Office has always dominated the business and consumer application marketplace with little to no competition. However, in recent years, the use of Google Apps has been growing to the point where it’s capturing a large chunk of the market. Businesses as well as consumers are considering Google Apps more and more for meeting their productivity and collaboration needs.

Microsoft’s Monopoly in the Enterprise Market is Over

In a recent study released by the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps and Frost & Sullivan, 59% of Google admins said that Google plays a critical role in their IT infrastructure, and 29% said that Google is at the core of their infrastructure. Obviously, if they're already using a Google business application at the core of their IT infrastructure, they're likely to continue making infrastructure investments in Google and adopt more Google applications, including the Google Apps for Work, Google’s business productivity and collaboration app suite that competes with Office 365. There was 133% growth in the use of Google Hangouts from 2013 to 2014 and 10.6% growth in Google Docs usage among organizations with more than a thousand users. Clearly, even enterprise-level organizations are becoming more interested in investing in Google versus Microsoft’s Office 365.

Google’s App Marketplace: The Growing Giant

Google has its Google Apps Marketplace, which makes it easy for those who are using and fans of one or more apps in the marketplace to want to have all their applications on the Google platform. The Cloud Alliance/Frost & Sullivan study also reported that 33% of the 1158 Google App administrators surveyed said that the existence of certain apps within the Google Apps Marketplace helped encourage the adoption of Google Apps for business. Also, 49% said that the use of apps in the marketplace has convinced them to make the move to the cloud. It appears that people are relaxing their concerns about the security of apps that are only available in the cloud through the Google Apps Marketplace. They're realizing that if they’re already using one cloud-based app for business purposes, there’s no reason not to give Google Apps for Work a try.

There are more than 750 solutions in the Google Apps marketplace that people could potentially use, and if they use one then that will likely lead them to using more or having all their applications on Google in order to stick to one platform. According to the Google for Work Blog a year ago, there had been over 200 million downloads from the Google Apps Marketplace since its founding in 2010 (which should have Microsoft worried about losing a sizable portion of its market share).

Considering Google’s growth in the business market, we accelerated the development of our Quick Start Workflows for monitoring the performance of Google Apps for Work from the end user, through the network, and all the way to Google. Many people probably don’t realize how many businesses are moving to and starting to use Google Apps, but when we did our research and discovered these stats, we wanted to be ready to help businesses using Google Apps for Work with ensuring they meet the application performance and user experience needs of their end-users.

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