The Importance of Network Visibility in End-User Experience Monitoring for Business-Critical Applications
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If you are having network issues, the downstream effects are going to show up in the end-user experience of your business-critical applications. According to an Aberdeen Group survey of 158 organizations,, app performance issues have a direct impact on the business, including declined employee productivity (64%), lost revenue opportunities (41%), decreased customer satisfaction (61%) and damage to brand reputation (39%).  Connecting the dots between the network and the applications it supports is critical to gaining an understanding of the impacts of poor network and app performance on the end-user experience.

The new approach to network monitoring is focused on the end-user experience with applications being delivered through the network, whether they are applications you build or apps you buy and consume. If you are an IT manager or director, you want to look at all three of those areas—the end-user experience, the network and the application—and you want to get visibility into all of those areas from one single ping.

By getting visibility from the end-user experience through the network and to the application, you get a comprehensive picture of what's going on. More businesses are developing or implementing applications for their customers or to improve the productivity of their employees. As a result, they are concentrating more on how these end users are utilizing these apps and what their needs are. They are also thinking about bringing in tools to ensure they are consistently meeting those end users’ needs. Even if an application provides all the capabilities the end users require, no one is going to use it if it isn’t running properly or up-to-speed and delivering the best possible experience.

Network visibility important for end-user experience How poor application performance affects the business. Source: Aberdeen.

SaaS App Deployments Make Monitoring Harder and More Important

Looking at the network as well as application monitoring with an emphasis on the end-user experience has become more important as businesses have moved from building or consuming on-premises applications to deploying SaaS applications. Microsoft Office 365 is now the faster, cloud-based equivalent of Microsoft Office. As more applications move to the cloud, and more people are consuming apps in the cloud, the conditions have become a lot more complex and dynamic, and performance monitoring of both the network and the application are much more important as a result.

This is where our monitoring tools come in. AppNeta Performance Manager gives you the visibility you need across the three essential areas—the end user, the network and the application. As companies build and consume more customer-centric applications and move all their business-critical apps to the cloud, having an optimized end-user experience will become even more important.

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