The Hybrid Work Network Monitoring Checklist
by Paul Davenport Paul Davenport on

As your offices reopen and users take on a more flexible, Work-From-Anywhere schedule, follow these network optimization tips to ensure minimal disruption.  Step 1: Assess your user footprint Take stock of your in-office and remote users to get an accurate “lay of the land” Step 2: Assess your application stable Dig around and understand the full scope of your cloud versus on-prem app stack across departments Step 3: Measure office network performance against SLAs Your offices represent the gold standard for performance across your network; ensure your SLAs are being met and dust off any systems that didn’t get love last year Step 4: Perform bulk equipment upgrades “Manage change before change manages your…” Ensure you’ve baselined performance before return, and verify nothing is broken Step 5: Get reacquainted with your business-class WAN services Refresh yourself on what your capacity needs were, and then consider what they will be from the office going forward. Understand: When are contracts up for renewal? Do you still need the same circuit profiles?


Hybrid Work: Optimizing Network Infrastructure for the Distributed Enterprise
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