The 2021 AppNeta Hackathon kicks off!
by Tanya Blinova on

Hackathon: An intensive, software-centric ideation, prototyping and presentation challenge on known or unknown problems or opportunities.

In our drive to capture and deliver complete network visibility, we always encourage our engineers to abandon their assumptions and take a stab at something new.

At no other time is this more on display than during our annual AppNeta Hackathon, where we challenge folks across departments to partner with our engineers to create, innovate and help reimagine the next frontier for AppNeta.

Last year, we saw team members take part in activities that eventually helped us blaze a trail toward true Work-From-Anywhere network coverage. Engineers reached across coasts last June to push the envelope of not only the limitations on remote work monitoring, but doing so while largely working remotely.

The result was not only one of the most exciting weeks for AppNeta’s engineering team all year, but an unprecedented amount of creativity that continues to play out in our product evolution.

This year? The sky’s the limit. But how does it all work?

For engineers taking part, we strongly encourage them to reach out to people outside of engineering, whether that’s Marketing, Sales, Product Management or Customer Care—the more ideas and minds the better.

Considering all the new faces who’ve joined AppNeta from all over the map this past year, there has never been a better opportunity for our engineers to connect with unique and diverse perspectives and views that can make a huge impact.

Teams of just four AppNetians will have 36 hours to go through the Ideation → POC Creation → Execution → Presentation cycle, with a minimum deliverable including a functional prototype and front-end facade with mocked back-end.

Each team is self-organizing and ideas come from across the AppNeta footprint, from executives all the way to our co-ops. Teams can either come up with their own idea or grab one contributed by a fellow AppNetian.

Once teams are formed and their ideas are finalized, away we go coding for the next 36 hours, at the end of which, the whole company assembles to see what the teams dreamt up and share their innovative new ideas.

From there, our CTO & VP of Product take the lead at judging the awards for Best Technology and Best Theme Exploration, before those are announced alongside the People’s Choice Award.

This year’s Hackathon will be taking place September 23-24, with winners announced right after the presentations. While we’re keeping the theme under wraps for now, we fully expect many of the great ideas that come out of our team will be making their way to a network near you soon!

To learn more about opportunities to join AppNeta’s creative and innovative engineering team, visit our Careers Page.


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