PathTest on the Road – Testing Network Capacity in Frankfurt
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Wi-Fi connections have become a traveling must-have. But it is very frustrating when the connections don’t work! While on a vacation in Europe, an AppNeta developer used PathTest, AppNeta’s free network capacity testing tool, to check the WiFi performance from common travel locations such as airports and hotels.  Follow this blog series as we track this globetrotter and the PathTest results.

Starting my first PathTest

May 12, 2012

When I am traveling these day, WIFI connection in a hotel is a must have requirement. I am always willing to pay more for that feature. But how fast are those (paid or freebie) connections? Here is a really cool tool to tell you.PathTest is a free bandwidth testing tool. It provides the most accurate results possible for determining the maximum capacity between any two end points over any network.

Here is my first entry from YVR (Vancouver) airport to my most frequently visiting site: Facebook =P


Throughout my “Impulsive Traveling 2012: Spain & Germany“, I will keep running a session of PathTest. Follow this blog if you are interested in seeing the geek side of my latest trip =)

PathTest from Frankfurt

May 12, 2012

As promised, throughout my “Impulsive Traveling 2012: Spain & Germany”, I will keep running a session of PathTest whenever I have Wi-Fi connection.

This is my third time stopping by Frankfurt and I continue to stay in Best Western Hotel Plaza because of the location. Being nice and close to the train station is always a big plus! I  plan on shopping and having a good rest.


The internet connection in this hotel feels smooth. I am continuously using my laptop, iPad and iPhone and I notice no issues. Here is the PathTest result.


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