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by Christine Cignoli on

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Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of some of the intriguing IT events and news we came across this week. We'll be posting this every Friday, and could use some help choosing a name.

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Another week, and Pokemon Go is still going strong around the world (except now there are landmines involved? Yikes!). Around here, we wondered how this super-popular new app is being hosted and keeping up with demand. My colleague pointed me to this colorful Pokemon Go monitoring site that’s keeping track of uptime, latency and a couple of other performance metrics.

But the overall performance metrics aren’t so cheery, though, as this Forbes writer points out: the Go servers went down for six hours on Wednesday, and there have been regular outages without any user communication. This story lays out a pretty good laundry list of what the creators of Pokemon Go aren’t telling users, including key basics like why the servers are down, how long the downtime might last and which bugs exist in the game (and whether they’ll be fixed). Imagine an IT department withholding all that basic data from its users as they wait out an outage? I don’t want to think about it either.

If you’re at all worried that these Pokemon blobs are carrying the humans into an alternate reality, check out these deep thoughts from O’Reilly Media’s founder. He argues against those who think technology advancements are going to put people out of work. So far, advancements like cloud computing haven’t caused a mass job shortage, as some in IT worried about. What will enterprise IT’s next brilliant innovation be? The technologies that help us do our work can change our daily tasks and what our job looks like, as O’Reilly points out.

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On a more concrete note, this is an excellent read on the general state of networking these days from Zeus Kerravala, a veteran networking industry analyst. This piece is a succinct summary of networking’s wired roots, with some notes about where it’s falling behind other business tech advancements, like cloud and IoT. Essentially, today’s networks are not agile enough to support the technology that depends on them. Kerravala’s firm found that 83% of networking management budget is spent maintaining the status quo. Luckily, there are a lot of smart people working on advancing network computing toward virtualized networks and the new IP. That’ll pay off for IT teams managing cloud or hybrid cloud environments, who depend more on the network than ever before.

Finally, because it’s the end of the work week and time for fun, please enjoy reading this in your best Morgan Freeman voice. Of course, we’re all using our brains…but all these apps are pretty entertaining. What’s the toughest task your brain had to tackle this week? Tell us in the comments.

Morgan Freeman on technology

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