Tags, you’re it!
by December 7, 2015

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TraceView’s New Inline Tag Editor

TraceView’s tags provide engineers with an important organizational tool for sophisticated infrastructures.

A complex infrastructure might include many different independent services across production, staging, and development environments, each configured into a separate app. With that kind of complexity, it can be challenging to sift through all the apps to find the ones relevant to your current research.

Today, we’ve made that experience even more simple.


Tags are assigned to your applications. To get started with tagging, go to your Latency Charts Overview page.

Latency Chart Menu Item

We’ve defined three system tags by default, which you’ll always see at the top of the tag list — development, production, and staging.

You can add tags to your apps on both the Latency Charts Overview and on your App Configuration page in TraceView.

Customizable Application Tags

Once you’ve tagged each of your apps, you can use the side panel to filter the apps shown on your overview. Just one click, and a tangled overview map becomes simple; just like that, the list of latency charts is reduced to only the ones that matter to you.



Views allow you to save a group of tags that are relevant to you, or to a specific team. To configure a view: name the view and select which tags should be part of it. Click save and presto, it’s done.

Many of our customers have set up their own personal views, so that they always have only the information they need on the overview page. Your overview page will automatically default to the last view you were on, and you can bookmark a view by it’s URL for easy access. To navigate back to all apps, click “All Apps” at the top of the list.

Edit Mode

We’ve moved the tag editor right into the side panel, so that you don’t need to leave the page to create a new tag, delete a tag, or modify an existing tag’s name or color.

The “edit mode” button switches to our inline editor controls, where tags can be created, modified, or deleted.

New Tag Interface

And that’s it! We really hope that you like the new tag system. If you’ve any feedback, we’d love to hear from you: feedback@appneta.com