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Archive of posts with tag 'VM technology'

How Updated Firmware Makes a Difference
by Team AppNeta on

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure seems to be popping up everywhere these days. I remember the days when RDP was used solely to save time from having to go down to the server room. Now it’s blossomed into a multibillion dollar industry with real businesses relying on it. Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, among others, are trying to put stakes in the VDI...

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Tags: firmware, PathView Cloud, VM technology

Where in the WAN: A Case Study with VMware
by Team AppNeta on

Although virtualization is a cost-effective move for many organizations, it can also be a network management nightmare if the right steps aren’t taken before and during the deployment process. Even if network performance appears healthy, the strain of supporting a VDI deployment might prove otherwise. In these cases, it is not uncommon for companies to point the finger at the...

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Tags: PathView Cloud, vdi, virtualization, VM technology, WAN

Virtual Network Performance
by Team AppNeta on

When companies were using virtualization technology to consolidate IT infrastructure that wasn’t truly real-time in nature, the network performance of these virtual machines was not a major concern. Generally, all they had to do was put a Gig E card into the host and everything would work itself out fine. All of the VM monitoring and management tools focused on...

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Tags: NPM, PathView, virtualization, VM technology


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