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Shares of Twitter jumped on Thursday when it was announced that the company passed the billion-dollar revenue threshold for the first time last quarter, as the platform’s daily user base jumped from 145 million to 152 million as 2019 wound to a close. This isn’t altogether surprising, as Twitter has been a hotbed of political deliberation during the leadup to...

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The Super Bowl Blackout Can’t Keep Twitter Down
by Team AppNeta on

So we all know that the Baltimore Ravens are the 2013 Blackout…err…Super Bowl Champions. And debate will rage on about the “winners” of those Super Bowl commercials. Running away with the social media title this year was, without a doubt, Twitter. With the power outage that almost brought the Lombardi trophy to San Francisco (as a Steeler fan, I guess...

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Twitter Goes Down #PathViewCloudFindsProblem
by Team AppNeta on

I don’t think I was alone June 21, 2012 when I went to check-in on Twitter during lunch and for some reason could not connect. Hmmm, how is that possible? The Twittersphere can’t actually be down…or can it? My office in Boston was also experiencing some network problems so I just assumed the Twitter issue was related to the Comcast...

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