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Nailing Down the Definition of PaaS
by TR Jordan on

An article defining PaaS caught our attention a few months ago. Entitled, “What does PaaS really mean? Let us know if you find out,” the article explains how the technology industry and IT organizations are confused about what PaaS is and use the term “confusingly.” The author, David Linthicum, then offers a definition, however we think his definition isn’t quite...

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Tags: APM, PaaS, technology

My previous post described our product pipeline at a high level. In this post i’ll focus on the first stage of the pipeline - the Inbox - and how we use Asana to initiate company-wide conversations about improvements to our products. As stated previously, the Inbox is where features / enhancements / ideas for the product are born. Anyone at AppNeta can...

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Tags: APM, apps, best practices, technology

One of the many challenges facing organizations these days is that certain parts of the business are either moving to SaaS or is already in the cloud. This brings a unique problem for everyone responsible for maintaining the web applications' availability, performance, and functionality. Organizations often struggle to secure and protect business and customer data. In the past, all the...

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Tags: APM, application deployment, best practices, cloud, saas, technology

Product Management: We Need Pipelines, not Roads
by Nick Austin on

Living in Vancouver, surrounded by the natural beauty of British Columbia, it’s hard not to elicit a negative reaction (if not an outright protest march) when talking about a “pipeline”. But you’ll bear with me, right? AppNeta is a growing company with bright employees and savvy customers. But, like any company on the rise we’ve endured our share of growing pains....

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Tags: application development, best practices, devops, technology

As an engineering team we strive to find the right balance between aggressively building out product capabilities and managing technical debt. At AppNeta we have hardened our process to define and manage this balance. Our current process involves virtual teams who break away from the feature development at hand to focus on technical debt in a specific product area for...

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Tags: application development, best practices, cloud, devops, technology

Detecting a Corrupt Solid State Hard Drive
by Daniel Schnabel on

Corrupted data is hard to detect since there is usually no direct indication in the logs. Many times when you notice corruption it is already too late because the machine doesn't boot up anymore or you suddenly can't run a command anymore which is essential for normal operation. Corruption itself is hard to prevent, esp. on flash hard drives. The...

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Tags: application deployment, apps, best practices, devops, technology

The Way Back Machine: APM Premise Software At AppNeta there was a time before SaaS. It too was a time of great engineering and building cool stuff. Back then we were still doing application performance monitoring and analysis. We required that our customers install our application (application server + network agents + users' clients) on their hardware sitting within their...

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Tags: APM, application development, NPM, technology

FlowView: How We Did It (Part 1)
by Christine Cignoli on

If you’re into network traffic analysis, FlowView gives you incredible insight into what is running on your network with simple deployment.  This month, we’re celebrating you, the people who take the time to look at your network traffic with FlowVemeber, where we’re giving 10% of all FlowView proceeds in November to the national Movember charities. When we launched FlowView last year,...

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Tags: application development, flow analysis, FlowView, NPM, technology

A Different View of Hadoop Performance
by Alan Leung on

A question that many developers often ask is, “Can I make it run faster?” In particular, how can we discover the maximum performance of an individual MapReduce job?  Let’s set up a test run, and see how fast we can make it. We’ll base this analysis on native Hadoop components, however, the solution should extend to any Hadoop vendors. But first,...

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Tags: application performance, network speed, PathView, technology

Last week, I presented Caching Up and Down the Stack at the Boston Web Performance meetup. It was great to get the chance to present to the 60+ people who came out for the talk. Unsurprisingly, many of the people there knew a lot about caching in all of the different levels I touched on, and some great conversation developed. I covered six of...

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Tags: bandwidth, cache, full stack, mysql, technology

The Super Bowl Blackout Can’t Keep Twitter Down
by Team AppNeta on

So we all know that the Baltimore Ravens are the 2013 Blackout…err…Super Bowl Champions. And debate will rage on about the “winners” of those Super Bowl commercials. Running away with the social media title this year was, without a doubt, Twitter. With the power outage that almost brought the Lombardi trophy to San Francisco (as a Steeler fan, I guess...

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Tags: APM, path, technology, twitter


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