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Don't Let the Cloud Block Your Visibility Into SaaS Performance
by Christine Cignoli on

So you've transitioned your company to SaaS. What a relief. No more license tracking, no more deploying patches and updates and helping users who have problems with an application. The SaaS vendor will handle all your problems, right? Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The vendor is supporting dozens, hundreds or thousands of clients, and chances are you aren't their biggest...

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Synthetic Monitoring, Using Scripting That's Built for Humans
by Damian Roskill on

Scripting a web browser to imitate a human (otherwise known as automated synthetic web transactions) is awesome. Seriously—it’s an amazingly flexible and useful tool. Web developers can script against an application for testing purposes. For those figuring out how to scale a web application, you can use scripts to bring massive amounts of load to an app and see where...

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Streaming Impacts of Rio 2016 on Enterprise Business
by Team AppNeta on

4 Steps to Networking (and Productivity) Gold The Olympics in Rio are in full swing which means the world’s best athletes competing in nail-biting competitions... what’s not to love? For most corporate IT Ops teams it introduces new challenges at work... like your colleagues following their favorite athletes by streaming their favorite events to their corporate laptops over corporate WiFi....

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For us at AppNeta, Super Bowl 50* carried few emotions. Sure, we wanted to see Peyton sacked a few more times in his career or watch an awkward spiral fly into blue and black gloves, but overall the collective heart rate of New England wasn’t anywhere near what it was last year (in case you don’t recall, there was a...

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