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The past year has seen the market for streaming services turn a big corner into the mainstream as a slew of new offerings – both from legacy broadcasters like Disney and first-time content producers like Apple – have gone live, dealing another blow to once-dominant cable TV. While the majority of the new services are designed with the typical home-viewer...

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How AppNeta Monitors VoIP and Voice Apps
by Christine Cignoli on

We’ve come so far with our phones in just a few years. At home, landlines are becoming obsolete, and at work, the old hardwired phones have been replaced by sleeker new VoIP models. The benefits to users of using VoIP are mostly apparent when employees want to make calls from anywhere, to anywhere, even halfway around the world. The benefits...

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By: Jim Melvin Everyone love’s the Olympics and it is easy to see why — the Olympics truly have something for everyone.  From cycling, to soccer, to archery, and basketball; the breadth of sports (36 in all) covers just about every sport that you could want (except for lacrosse, one of my personal favorites). What we are seeing, though, is...

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We averaged 3Mbps throughout the day from YouTube, for a total of 14GB. It would have maxed out our 3Mbps bonded T1 service at the old office, but our Comcast business connection held up well, even as traffic peaked at over 12Mbps in the early morning hours.

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According to this report by the Pew Research Center (February 2012), 46% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in May 2011. Smartphone owners now outnumber users of more basic phones. These smartphone users are bringing their personal devices to work and connecting them to your network. For many businesses, an open BYOD policy...

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BYOD: Top 3 Ways It Can Break Your Network…
by Team AppNeta on

Gone are the days when organizations would give their employees a PC and expect it to be the only device used on the network. It’s a “bring your own device” (BYOD) world out there now, and the trend to allow users to bring their own smart phones, tablets and other mobile gear to work is only going to accelerate. That...

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An Engineer’s Search: Who Broke the Network?
by Team AppNeta on

‘Why Is Our Network Broken?’ Even companies that provide network performance management services still have to manage their own networks! So, a few weeks ago when I received notification that we were experiencing extremely low available bandwidth out to the internet, I knew I had to act fast to avoid failure of our critical services- The question was: which tool would solve the...

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The Network Engineer’s Cheat Sheet for 2012
by Team AppNeta on

2011 could be considered the year that network performance management “came of age.” In this past year, IT and network managers in organizations of all sizes and industry segments have become aware — if they weren’t already — that the performance of the network is the foundation of user experience and business success. Why was 2011 such a pivotal year...

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For organizations that are monitoring and maintaining a large network, bandwidth consumption can cause major issues.  Knowing who is using all the bandwidth in the company is particularly helpful when troubleshooting performance issues and all too common complaints that “the network is slow!”  Insight into what external web sites employees are visiting,  and whether or not those sites are work-related...

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Streaming Media and Your Internet Performance
by Jocelyn Saurini on

It’s a great time to be a connected consumer.  Our favorite audio, video and news products are available from multiple online sources and can be immediately consumed on the nearest connected device.  Sometimes the path to a great viewing experience is painless and it just works.  At other times achieving a quality viewing experience can be a real challenge.  As...

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