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Archive of posts with tag 'SLAs'

Why Internal SLAs Shouldn't Feel Like Punishments
by Joe Michalowski on

Service-level agreements (SLAs) are becoming increasingly familiar territory for the average IT leader. Unfortunately, the number of SaaS SLAs is sprawling across IT organizations to the point that it’s nearly impossible to manage them all. Business-critical applications are increasingly moving to the cloud and it’s only a matter of time before bandwidth resources start to succumb to the pressure—if yours...

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Tags: cloud services SLA, SaaS applications, SLAs

Why IT Needs to Hold SaaS and Cloud Providers Accountable
by Christine Cignoli on

In an era gone by, IT teams mostly worked on hardware and software—strictly the technology part of IT. Buying the tools that the business needed was mostly a one-off annual purchase, or maybe more frequent if new products were needed. IT teams spent time interacting with vendors or systems integrators, but it was fairly transactional. Today, IT teams still decide...

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Tags: cloud providers, SaaS providers, SLAs

Don't Hog the Bandwidth, and Other Network Tips
by Christine Cignoli on

What’s your bandwidth-consuming vice these days? Maybe March Madness? You’re certainly not alone. Even employees in the very important Pentagon are hooked. The Pentagon’s ISP asked employees to reconsider streaming basketball games in light of the important work their bandwidth is supporting—defending the country and all that. We’re sure they have excellent network monitoring helping the effort to pin down...

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Tags: bandwidth, network performance monitoring, SLAs

Weekly Packet: Gold-Medal Tech, Your Cloud Shopping List
by Christine Cignoli on

I just had to write an Olympic-themed headline, since today is the first day of the 2016 Summer Games! I love the Olympics. It’s so much fun watching athletes do what they’re best at. Plus, they have the extra challenge this year of swimming or boating in polluted, mucky water—so it’s even more impressive for the winners, I suppose. Technology...

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Tags: APM, cloud, SLAs

Take the Mystery Out of SLAs
by Christine Cignoli on

A service-level agreement sounds suspiciously like paperwork, which, to me anyway, sounds either boring or easy to ignore, or both. But service-level agreements (SLAs) can’t be ignored. This particular form of paperwork comes in many flavors, and affects IT in some important ways. Generally, an SLA stands as a reminder and guarantee of what a customer should receive from a...

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Tags: metrics, monitoring technology, SLAs


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