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ServiceNow has taken the lead in the help desk software market, offering its many customers a way to streamline their service tickets and make IT support teams more efficient. We hear often from our customers that ServiceNow has become a go-to, mission-critical application for them. Part of our continuing work and development is around tight integration of AppNeta data with...

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3 Tips to Tackle Common Help Desk Challenges
by Lea Rabinowitz on

Imagine being under the microscope, while also shouldering the responsibility of company-wide productivity. That’s IT in a nutshell, with the help desk as the front line for any dissatisfaction or service interruptions that end users experience. In the past, with on-premises solutions, being the enterprise hero who could solve a problem quickly was difficult. Now, as organizations shift to modern,...

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Make Your ServiceNow Implementation Work Without Issues
by Lea Rabinowitz on

When companies move ahead on implementing ServiceNow, it's not just for a better ticketing system. The SaaS application claims to replace unstructured work patterns with intelligent workflows, improve service levels, energize employees and enable enterprises to work at light speed. That’s a tall order, even for a powerful platform that automates and connects workflows and disconnected databases. While the appeal...

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More and more companies are implementing SaaS applications for conducting their most critical business processes. With SaaS apps, the IT department may not be responsible for providing technical support, but they are responsible for ensuring a positive experience for the end-users in their organization. We developed our SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM) solution to provide technology professionals with visibility into the...

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