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Rethinking your “game plan” for network monitoring
March 15, 2019 by

Cloud Computing, Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Enterprise IT and network ops teams may not appear to have much in common with the names on your NCAA March Madness bracket. But in both arenas, teams need to be masters of strategy, cooperation, and fast thinking in order to succeed. That’s because just like college basketball, network monitoring and management requires having both
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AppNeta Route Visualization now features BGP Data
March 5, 2019 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Our new Route Visualization allows IT to see how DNS, content delivery networks, and BGP work together to deliver content to your users efficiently.

SD-WAN: The promise vs. the reality
February 19, 2019 by

Cloud Computing, Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

There’s no denying that the SD-WAN market is having a moment. After sliding into the Trough of Disillusionment on the 2017 Gartner Hype Cycle, SD-WAN was firmly on the Slope of Enlightenment for 2018, and continues to build both momentum and advocacy as the decade comes to a close. What’s attractive about SD-WAN is that
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101: What is DNS — and why is it important?
December 20, 2018 by

Industry Insights, Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Before the days of personal computing — and well before the dawn of smart devices — it was easier for the relatively few users leveraging the Internet to recognize familiar IP addresses, like memorizing a home phone number in the pre-caller ID days. While we may type URLs into search bars and click “Send” on
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A pattern of significant spikes in round-trip time is detected on a network path. The recurring pattern indicates RTT increases during business hours.

IN PRACTICE: Detecting ‘problem device’ at SD-WAN provider’s PoP
December 4, 2018 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

IN PRACTICE | This article is part of a series of posts sharing examples of how AppNeta users have leveraged the service to solve performance problems. Continuous, real-time visibility into the condition of the core network is crucial to ensure consistent performance for end users. Without network visibility, problems may go undetected until they are
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New from AppNeta: DNS, BGP, SD-WAN support, and more!
September 18, 2018 by

Company News, Industry Insights, Product News

Today AppNeta announced a number of exciting product enhancements that we’ve been working on over the past few months. This includes some major milestones in the software that our development teams have been pushing towards over the past few bi-weekly releases and a whole new line of hardware and virtual monitoring points to enable AppNeta
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IN PRACTICE: Identifying the cause of SD-WAN degradation
June 19, 2018 by

Industry Insights, Performance Monitoring, Use Case

IN PRACTICE | This article is part of a series of posts sharing examples of how AppNeta users have leveraged the service to solve performance problems. Context A major US retail chain had been running the AppNeta Performance Manager for 10 months to monitor the retail store WAN services between their primary data center and
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SD-WAN and WAN optimization are coming together

SD-WAN and WAN Optimization Aren’t Destined to be a Dynamic Duo
March 13, 2018 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Just last summer, we published a post that discussed the differences between SD-WAN and WAN optimization. At the time, many people were simplifying the discussion and wondering if SD-WAN could replace aging WAN optimization solutions. When you break down the purposes of each technology, the two look more like a dynamic duo than a replacement
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SD-WAN and MPLS can work together with monitoring

Switching to SD-WAN Doesn’t Mean Ripping Out Your MPLS Network
January 2, 2018 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

SD-WAN was originally designed to be the successor technology to MPLS networks, but it doesn’t appear to have worked out that way. Research from Nemertes has shown that nearly 80% of companies with a pre-existing MPLS deployment retain the technology after SD-WAN adoption. Clearly there is some synergy between SD-WAN and MPLS. How does an
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Weekly commentary from AppNeta on network and application performance

Which Software-Defined Networking Trends Will Your IT Team Adopt?
October 20, 2017 by

Industry Insights, Networking Technology

You know what happens this time of year, as Halloween is approaching: It’s time for next year’s technology predictions to arrive. Here, there’s a look at some potential 2018 networking trends around SD-WAN in particular. One that caught our attention was the addition of security features like firewall functionality, and the expectation that antivirus and
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