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Software-Defined Network Elements Slowly Come to IT
November 17, 2017 by

Industry Insights, Networking Technology

On the road toward software-defined everything, WAN virtualization could play an important part. SDN is useful for a lot of data center networking tasks, like switching. But SDN across existing IP networks doesn’t necessarily bring a lot of value, and many businesses wouldn’t be able to afford to invest in entirely new software-defined networks. SD-WAN,
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Make SD-WAN Choices With a Vision for the Future
September 29, 2017 by

Industry Insights, Networking Technology

Here’s a great recent look at the top challenges that IT teams are facing, courtesy of a survey done at VMworld. We’re not surprised to see that performance was named as the top challenge, with 38% of respondents choosing it. We hear daily about the pressures on IT to provide good performance, and the obstacles
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