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AppNeta's weekly roundup of networking, cloud and SaaS market news.

WiFi Networks, SaaS Providers and the Challenges They Bring IT
February 23, 2018 by

Cloud Computing, Networking Technology

The cloud/SaaS honeymoon usually ends pretty quickly for IT teams supporting various cloud and SaaS applications. The loss of control over SaaS apps can be a surprise for IT, even as it also frees up time. IT team members are now at the mercy of SaaS application providers, which decide when upgrades will happen and
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Monitor application performance for the end user experience

Why Improving Application Performance Is So Hard
November 2, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

As more enterprises move their applications and services to the cloud, we see a clearer focus on ensuring good application performance for users. That’s beneficial for end users and for organizations focused on DevOps and apps. And it’s a smart business decision—just look at recent APM provider acquisition data to see the size of this
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Hold cloud providers accountable

Why IT Needs to Hold SaaS and Cloud Providers Accountable
August 22, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

In an era gone by, IT teams mostly worked on hardware and software—strictly the technology part of IT. Buying the tools that the business needed was mostly a one-off annual purchase, or maybe more frequent if new products were needed. IT teams spent time interacting with vendors or systems integrators, but it was fairly transactional.
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AppNeta's weekly roundup of networking, cloud and SaaS market news.

Take Failure Off Your Cloud Migration Checklist
May 12, 2017 by

Industry Insights, Performance Monitoring

With cloud computing, you’ve got a lot to think about when picking providers. Check out this cloud migration checklist that’s along the lines of moving to a new house. It’s a good breakdown of the individual steps of a cloud migration. As an IT person in the modern world, you’ll probably be able to add
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Tips for working with your SaaS provider.

Tips for Mastering Your SaaS Provider Relationship
April 12, 2017 by

Performance Monitoring

In this modern world of IT, you’ve probably got some new colleagues in your life—namely, the cloud and SaaS providers who now hold your infrastructure in their hands. These business relationships—yes, they’re technology-based, but cloud and SaaS are business models—will become as important to your IT team and your company as the hardware and software
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