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3 tips for network engineering challenge

Don’t Take SaaS for Granted—Make Sure Your Deployments Go Smoothly
October 19, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

 Cloud application adoption is a force that can’t be stopped. And honestly, do any IT leaders really want to stop it? There are a lot of benefits to using cloud and SaaS applications. When you move your apps from on-premises to the cloud, life in IT is supposed to get a lot easier. You enjoy
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Internal SLAs can improve end-user experience

Why Internal SLAs Shouldn’t Feel Like Punishments
October 12, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

Service-level agreements (SLAs) are becoming increasingly familiar territory for the average IT leader. Unfortunately, the number of SaaS SLAs is sprawling across IT organizations to the point that it’s nearly impossible to manage them all. Business-critical applications are increasingly moving to the cloud and it’s only a matter of time before bandwidth resources start to
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Multiple Salesforce integrations with APIs can slow the network

Calculating the Cost of Salesforce Integrations
October 11, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

Salesforce is an integral part of many companies’ sales organizations It’s a SaaS application that’s billed per head, but the selling point for businesses  is the time savings that sales reps can achieve with the organization and optimization of account data. Alas, in a world of app integrations, time savings is not guaranteed, and a
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SaaS Application Upkeep Requires Visibility, Vigilance
October 6, 2017 by

Industry Insights, Performance Monitoring

The promise of cloud and SaaS was supposed to be that it’s hands-off for IT and won’t take up internal resources. But for Office 365 at least, that’s not the case. One study found that 70% of enterprises using Office 365 report latency issues on a weekly basis, and 33% report them daily. This story
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Application performance monitoring for cloud

Don’t Let the Cloud Block Your Visibility Into SaaS Performance
September 25, 2017 by

Performance Monitoring

So you’ve transitioned your company to SaaS. What a relief. No more license tracking, no more deploying patches and updates and helping users who have problems with an application. The SaaS vendor will handle all your problems, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The vendor is supporting dozens, hundreds or thousands of clients, and chances
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Remote users need collaboration tools

Get to Know the Top Collaboration Apps for Remote Users
August 23, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Industry Insights

Team members are not always in the same office, or they may be on the road at customer or supplier sites. Companies are dealing with a shortage of critical skills, so they hire people regardless of their location. Businesses overall are increasing their number of remote offices and locations, taking advantage of modern technology that
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Collaboration tool security and performance matter

5 Tips for Better Collaboration Tool Security and Performance
August 14, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

The need for collaboration tools like chat and video apps is greater than ever, for a few big reasons: Businesses are increasing their numbers of remote locations quickly Companies have recognized that it’s important to hire the best talent regardless of location. Employees often travel on business or choose to work remotely. Customers and suppliers are actively
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AppNeta performs usage analysis

Even the CMO Can Troubleshoot: The Day Salesforce Went Down
August 7, 2017 by

Performance Monitoring, Product News

One morning last week, I came into the office to find that the folks in our Boston office couldn’t consistently access But of course I already knew this. I had gotten an alert from AppNeta Performance Manager that the app wasn’t functioning correctly, so I could quickly troubleshoot the issue. As Chief Marketing Officer
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Synthetic monitoring has some best practices.

Best Practices for Synthetic Monitoring
May 2, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring is a modern way to see the performance of today’s SaaS and web applications and networks. It uses scripting to emulate the paths that end users take as they experience an application. Why We Need Best Practices for Synthetics Synthetic monitoring provides IT staff with performance context for business-critical SaaS and web apps.
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Missing SaaS features can really throw a wrench into cloud adoption

SaaS Apps and Feature Gaps
April 20, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Networking Technology

We’re slowly getting used to cloud and SaaS applications in every area of our lives—including at work. Even huge enterprises are starting to move important business apps to the cloud, like Office 365 and Google Docs. That shift affects IT and end users a lot, as both adjust to using and supporting new, cloud-based tools.
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