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According to our 2019 State of Enterprise IT report, “brand damage” is one of the biggest impacts of poor end-user experience. If you needed an example of what this looks like in action, look no further than Target’s recent string of bad luck and the ensuing social media fallout. On Sunday, June 16th, the company experienced an outage that impacted...

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Cooperative of seven family-owned businesses 260 stores in 26 states Annual revenue of more than $2.8 billion The corporate network team at Bon-Ton Stores is responsible for the wireless guest networks at all 260 of the company’s stores, along with the applications that employees use every day. After they rolled out new guest WiFi networks in all of their stores,...

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Users Need Better Network Performance, Whatever Their Location
by Christine Cignoli on

Which approach is your company taking with MPLS? This breakdown covers the various use cases that might drive the SD-WAN vs. MPLS decision. Remote locations with a lot of streaming business-critical applications (VoIP call centers, maybe) will still likely need MPLS to keep performance strong. But for cloud-driven companies, SD-WAN products that are cloud-enabled can be a win. As the...

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