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Pandemic restrictions have pushed workers in practically every role out of their comfort zone, forcing them to log onto work from the home environments that used to be their “escape” from the 9-to-5. But as the walls between the office and home have blurred, so too have the hours of work, as many employees—specifically those working at major tech companies—are...

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Residential Internet access has never been a hotter commodity, as everyone from network engineers to their first graders are sharing at-home WiFi and pushing the limits on residential upload and download needs over the course of the pandemic. As a result, ISPs like Comcast are exploring ways to deliver enterprise-caliber Internet speeds out to residences without having to undergo costly...

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While Google was among the largest (and earliest) enterprises to extend work-from-home (WFH) into summer 2021 in response to the pandemic, remote work has long been a topic of interest for the tech giant, whose suite of solutions supports remote collaboration in nearly all industries. Almost a year before the global pandemic forced social distancing measures on employers, Google surveyed...

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Enterprise cloud adoption continues its rapid acceleration in 2020 as a new survey from IDG found that cloud investments will account for 32 percent of total IT budgets by 2021. The report, which is compiled of reader respondents from CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld and Network World tech buyer audiences, found that cloud spending is up 59 percent from 2018 levels,...

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Prior to the global pandemic, SD-WAN was among the leading digital transformation initiatives in the enterprise space, as IT teams deployed this tech to help to connect their increasingly distributed remote office footprint. Months into the global quarantine, however, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the pre-COVID focus on the remote office has shifted markedly to support work-from-home (WFH), which conventional...

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Across industries, work-from-home (WFH) became the new normal over the past few weeks, forcing enterprise IT teams to push the gas on their network transformation projects, or start fast-tracking new ones altogether to support a deluge of remote users. Fortunately, AppNeta Performance Manager is here to ensure enterprise IT teams rise to the occasion and can gain the remote visibility...

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It’s no secret that the modern contact or call center is transforming from a facility that occupies physical real estate to an almost entirely virtual environment. LL Bean, J.C. Penny and other major retail brands, for instance, are shuttering many of their brick-and-mortar call centers and offering some employees the option to retain their positions, but in a “work-from-home” capacity....

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Google recently published an eye-opening report that looked at the impact of remote work on large organizations, a topic the behemoth search engine-cum-tech monolith is well suited to explore. After all, according to the company, at least 30 percent of all meetings held between employees involve at least two time zones. That makes sense when you consider that 2 in...

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