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This is the first post of Flowvember - AppNeta’s celebration of really awesome, application-aware traffic analysis technology. And in the spirit of Movember and FlowVember, we challenge you to join us in growing out your mustache and checking out your network traffic. Get AppNeta’s FlowView free trial here. And, if you like what you see and decide to buy, we...

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We’re excited to announce a big change for both PathView Cloud and TraceView. As of today, we’ve completed the project that started with our acquisition of Tracelytics. Click on “Server trace”, and you’ll be taken right to the Trace Details page for that request. See it from the user’s perspective From TraceView, the reverse applies. Measuring the performance of real users gives...

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With highly distributed network and the expansive transition to cloud services, network and application performance monitoring is becoming more and more challenging. With the increase in IP-based applications like VoIP, Video Conferencing, hosted CRMs, VDI and cloud services offering simpler and easier ways to communicate and operate within an organization. Each application comes with unique performance requirements and settings needed...

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