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How can enterprise IT teams ensure end-user performance when workers are accessing their apps from home? Solving this problem is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the litany of last-minute challenges thrown at enterprise IT lately. The crux of this challenge is that enterprise teams don’t own or control the “last mile” connections that most (if...

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Trust is a central component of any company’s digital transformation. When offloading processes and applications that used to be managed in-house to SaaS providers, businesses have to be comfortable sharing data that historically was kept close to vest. This is especially true when it comes to performance monitoring solutions built to analyze all network traffic (even just packet headers). Without...

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How (and Why) to Benchmark Your Public Cloud Performance
by Andrew Sanders on

Back in 2011, the average company spent just $6,300 on cloud computing. That’s a drop in the bucket for all but the smallest IT budgets. Things have changed in the intervening years. At the beginning of the decade, companies were just beginning to dip their toes into the cloud. Now they’re completely submerged. Out of companies with more than 1,000...

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Using AppNeta's API for Better Monitoring Data Integration
by Christine Cignoli on

APIs are the currency of today’s SaaS-based infrastructures. They allow business IT teams to connect applications in useful, creative ways to meet their particular needs. As a SaaS-based company ourselves, and with most of our customers moving their apps to cloud and SaaS models, our API powers a lot of very cool interconnected infrastructures. All of AppNeta’s detailed metrics and...

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