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The City of San Francisco recently launched free #SFWiFi service in 32 of the city’s public spaces thanks to a grant from Google. Coincidentally, the day it launched, I made a move from Boston to San Francisco and found a handful of these spaces to be close to my new neighborhood. I set out with my trusty iPhone 5 and...

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This is my third geeky post during my ’Impulsive Traveling 2012: Spain & Germany.’ I have been running a session of PathTest whenever I have WiFi connection! I am feeling very excited about finally starting my real traveling. I arrived in Madrid very late but getting through customs was super efficient. It also helped a lot that the non-European line was...

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Wi-Fi connections have become a traveling must-have. But it is very frustrating when the connections don’t work! While on a vacation in Europe, an AppNeta developer used PathTest, AppNeta’s free network capacity testing tool, to check the WiFi performance from common travel locations such as airports and hotels.  Follow this blog series as we track this globetrotter and the PathTest results....

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As a network engineer for a global financial services organization, I know I am not alone in my daily concerns about network connection speed and performance.  Our concerns are all underscored by questions such as: ‘How much bandwidth are we getting?’ ‘What are we paying our ISP monthly again?’ ‘How are my end users using our bandwidth?’ ‘Why is my...

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