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Balance Cloud and On-Premises Workloads Carefully
by Christine Cignoli on

Here’s another cloud adoption survey to add to your market research data, this one conducted late last year by Intel Security. Some new and interesting data points in here are on software-defined data centers: 73% of enterprises surveyed are moving to that model within two years. And while hybrid cloud adoption is growing rapidly, almost half of respondents say they’re...

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Is On-Premises Infrastructure Obsolete?
by Joe Michalowski on

Have you ever had the feeling of Silicon Valley envy? Think of a company like Airbnb experiencing exponential growth by making the most of AWS cloud computing. It would be nice if we could all just leave our legacy-laden on-premises data centers behind and go all-in on the cloud. Traditional businesses are moving more and more workloads to the cloud,...

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Happy Friday, all, and thanks for voting on the name of this weekly roundup blog post. The big winner was “Weekly Packet,” so let’s get started on volume two. AWS and other cloud adoption could rise in the wake of the Brexit decision over in Europe, as a Forbes contributor reports. I find this fascinating, since strict data regulations had...

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