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IoT and 5G Both Require Strong Network Foundations
by Christine Cignoli on

As new, exciting technologies become reality, IT teams are updating systems and considering the best technology options to support new tools. IoT, for example, needs a strong networking foundation. It’s more than just a reliable network that’s needed, but a complex network design that allows for real-time data analysis between and among all the dispersed IoT sensors. That data today...

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Tags: 5G, NFV, wifi, WiFi monitoring

Modern Networking Technology Takes Center Stage for IT in 2018
by Christine Cignoli on

Here’s a helpful explainer on intent-based networking, which we’ve heard a lot about from Cisco in the past year or so. The idea of intent-based networking is essentially to bring a kind of automation to networking, but an automation that takes into account the complexity and rigged-together nature of many networks. Intent-based networking aims to model ideal outcomes rather than...

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Tags: network virtualization, NFV, SDN

SDN, NFV and 5G Wireless Will Drive IoT, Networking Teams
by Christine Cignoli on

If you take a peek at the telecom world, you see a couple of big networking trends that are making waves there. However, changes are still slow to come, since network managers have a lot of legacy networks and infrastructure in place now. Ripping and replacing is expensive, time-consuming and risky. This expert thinks 2020 will be the year of...

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Tags: cloud infrastructure, IoT, networking protocols, NFV, patching

Can Emerging Network Technologies Solve IT's Problems?
by Christine Cignoli on

One of our favorite topics around here is obviously network performance. This take on upgrading network performance looks at the big picture of networking today to see where improvements might happen. Throughput and security have traditionally been the two big considerations in network performance, but others now include policy-based approaches, flexible infrastructure and capacity. The general outlook here is that...

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Tags: networking hardware, NFV, SDN


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