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Archive of posts with tag 'networking protocols'

SDN, NFV and 5G Wireless Will Drive IoT, Networking Teams
by Christine Cignoli on

If you take a peek at the telecom world, you see a couple of big networking trends that are making waves there. However, changes are still slow to come, since network managers have a lot of legacy networks and infrastructure in place now. Ripping and replacing is expensive, time-consuming and risky. This expert thinks 2020 will be the year of...

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Tags: cloud infrastructure, IoT, networking protocols, NFV, patching

It’s shaping up to be a pleasant afternoon around the office, with no user complaints coming in and the weekend beckoning. Then you get a call from the office manager at one of your company’s remote offices, several hours’ drive from where you are. Their weekly site backup, which should take about 45 minutes, now says it will take 45...

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Tags: bgp, networking protocols, tcp, udp

Throwback Thursday: Remember IPv6 Panic?
by Christine Cignoli on

Way back in 2007, our team here at AppNeta wrote about the panic in IT about the coming IPv6 transition. It’s entertaining now to read about this particular panic, and about the more general technology-specific panic that has occasionally gripped anyone in IT thinking about worst-case scenarios. Back then, the big worry was that the pool of IPv4 addresses had...

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Tags: IPv6, networking protocols


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