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Jealous that you’re missing out on the watercooler chatter surrounding Season 3 of Stranger Things? A new Chrome extension aims to have you covered. Netflix Hangouts is the latest in a long line of programs designed to help workers leverage their office networks for less-than-business-critical activities. The program creates what looks like a standard four-person video conference -- a communication...

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Tags: enterprise network monitoring, Netflix, netflix hangouts, network monitoring, network performance, network performance monitoring, network speed, office culture, remote office monitoring, streaming video

"Is the WiFi Down?" Why This Question Matters More Than Ever
by Christine Cignoli on

It happened gradually, but at some point WiFi networks moved from a nice-to-have bonus feature in the office to become a standard part of a business’s IT infrastructure. Now that mobile devices are such a critical part of work, WiFi is essential. It needs care and attention as other networks do. Strong WiFi performance is also necessary in a business’s...

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Tags: network speed, WiFi monitoring

Weekly Packet: Nothing Lasts Forever (Especially in Tech)
by Christine Cignoli on

This week brought Elon Musk’s announcement about his plans to build a sustainable city on Mars. Specifics are scarce, but we’re hoping Musk has considered the quality of WiFi service on Mars, or those travelers might be quite disappointed when they arrive after a six-month flight. Maybe Google’s new Station tools will help. The details are still under wraps, but...

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Tags: application performance, network speed

Weekly Packet: IT Daydreams and Cloud Buzzkills
by Christine Cignoli on

We came across a new IT buzzword this week: immutable infrastructure. The concept is that infrastructure components get replaced wholesale—essentially a new build or deployment whenever a change or fix is needed. So, no patching needed! It’s a way to move toward easier infrastructure automation, and cloud computing can allow it room to really develop. Good thing, since adoption of...

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Tags: cloud computing, network speed

The City of San Francisco recently launched free #SFWiFi service in 32 of the city’s public spaces thanks to a grant from Google. Coincidentally, the day it launched, I made a move from Boston to San Francisco and found a handful of these spaces to be close to my new neighborhood. I set out with my trusty iPhone 5 and...

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Tags: application performance, network speed, NPM, PathTest

One of the main use cases for customers of AppNeta is understanding and ensuring that their critical web applications, including SaaS applications, are working well and users are happy with the performance. There are many challenges in making sure business critical SaaS applications are working well: accurately measuring the user experience, understanding how the local network, the wifi and the...

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Tags: bandwidth, features, flow analysis, FlowView, network speed, packets

The REAL Reason Airplane Wifi is Slow
by Christine Cignoli on

Depending on your travel agenda, a cross-country flight can be an opportunity to work offline without the usual real-time distractions or catch up on the latest episode of Silicon Valley. With in-flight wireless like Gogo becoming widely available, you may be tempted to keep in touch with colleagues from 35,000 feet, or post to facebook because you can. While connectivity...

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Tags: features, network speed, NPM, packets, PathView

How to Troubleshoot Video Conferencing Drops
by Team AppNeta on

A video conferencing partner of ours asked for help with a high-profile technology customer recently. The vendor’s gear was being blamed for frequent video conferencing session drops. This was causing friction between vendor and the customer’s network team, and pressure on the IT manager was mounting to fix the issue at all costs. The symptom: Otherwise healthy video conference sessions...

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Tags: AppNeta Performance Manager, features, FlowView, network speed, PathView

In my blog “NetFlow Performance Testing with Tcpreplay 4.0” I introduced new IP Flow / NetFlow features that I recently added to Tcpreplay, with the claim that this is the best solution for testing Layer 7 flow collectors. Today we discover how Layer 7 collectors differ from traditional flow collectors, and why they need to be tested differently. So, what is are...

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Tags: flow analysis, FlowView, monitoring technology, network speed, NPM

When we set out to make a super fast and super accurate application-aware flow collector, we found ourselves with a dilemma. How do we test it? How do you generate complex combinations of business and recreational application traffic and at 10GigE speeds? How do we generate Candy Crush, YouTube and SalesForce plus hundreds of other Layer 7 applications simultaneously at...

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Tags: features, flow analysis, FlowView, network speed, NPM

Introducing Tcpreplay 4.0
by TR Jordan on

Today, we're excited to annouce another major milestone in open-sourcing our technology: Fred Klassen has officially accepted maintainership of Tcpreplay. After a major overhaul of the internals, we're excited to release version 4.0.0, to which Fred has contributed extensively. Tcpreplay is a suite of Free (GPLv3) utilities for editing and replaying previously captured network traffic. Originally designed to replay malicious...

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Tags: bandwidth, features, flow analysis, FlowView, network speed, NPM

A Different View of Hadoop Performance
by Alan Leung on

A question that many developers often ask is, “Can I make it run faster?” In particular, how can we discover the maximum performance of an individual MapReduce job?  Let’s set up a test run, and see how fast we can make it. We’ll base this analysis on native Hadoop components, however, the solution should extend to any Hadoop vendors. But first,...

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Tags: application performance, network speed, PathView, technology

AppNeta’s FlowView Solution Offers Breakthrough Performance Insight Together with the Speed and Scale of Big Data Technology BOSTON — November 19, 2013 — AppNeta, the technology leader of Full Stack Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, today announced the launch of its big data architecture developed to provide customers with granular visibility into network and application usage to assure and optimize...

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Tags: features, FlowView, full stack, network speed, NPM

f you listen to the radio around Valentine’s Day, you hear endless commercials from companies soliciting their once-a-year products. I decided to perform my own test to unearth which ad was the most effective at attracting web traffic leading up to February 14th.  I monitored five different websites – 1800-Flowers, Edible Arrangements, Hallmark and Pajamagram – using PathView to see what their...

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Tags: features, network speed, tech industry

By: Jim Melvin Everyone love’s the Olympics and it is easy to see why — the Olympics truly have something for everyone.  From cycling, to soccer, to archery, and basketball; the breadth of sports (36 in all) covers just about every sport that you could want (except for lacrosse, one of my personal favorites). What we are seeing, though, is...

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Tags: network speed, NPM, streaming media

According to this report by the Pew Research Center (February 2012), 46% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in May 2011. Smartphone owners now outnumber users of more basic phones. These smartphone users are bringing their personal devices to work and connecting them to your network. For many businesses, an open BYOD policy...

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Tags: application performance, bandwidth, byod, FlowView, mobile, network speed, NPM, streaming media

As a network engineer for a global financial services organization, I know I am not alone in my daily concerns about network connection speed and performance.  Our concerns are all underscored by questions such as: ‘How much bandwidth are we getting?’ ‘What are we paying our ISP monthly again?’ ‘How are my end users using our bandwidth?’ ‘Why is my...

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Tags: AppNeta Reviews, bandwidth, network speed, PathTest, PathView Cloud, voip, WAN

Credit cards and debit cards– the life lines to our bank accounts. These slates of plastic are also the life lines for retail stores. These days, except when someone walks into a storefront and makes a purchase with cash, chances are that nearly every sale a retailer makes involves the Internet or an online transaction. Online shopping and other forms...

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Tags: ecommerce, network speed, NPM

When it comes to online trading, network latency is everything – because delays are more costly in this industry than almost any other. The stock market doesn’t stand still while data is in transit, and the difference between a “fresh” price quote and one that’s a few milliseconds out of date can cost or earn brokers and their clients hundreds...

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Tags: latency, network speed, NPM

For organizations that are monitoring and maintaining a large network, bandwidth consumption can cause major issues.  Knowing who is using all the bandwidth in the company is particularly helpful when troubleshooting performance issues and all too common complaints that “the network is slow!”  Insight into what external web sites employees are visiting,  and whether or not those sites are work-related...

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Tags: bandwidth, cloud, network speed, PathView Cloud, streaming media

Raise your hand if an end user has complained of a slow file transfer? You can’t tell, but my hand is the highest. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) transfers have been around since the dawn of the civilization.  Not really, but it has been around for the duration of the internet. Point being, the FTP is everywhere. This made me think,...

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Tags: latency, network speed, NPM, packets



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