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See who comes in first in the cloud provider network race.

How to Choose a Cloud Provider
February 7, 2017 by

Industry Insights, Performance Management Tech

When choosing a cloud provider, you can look at brand recognition, security and storage features and other items. But cloud providers depend on networks just like the rest of us, and they’re not all created or configured equal. In general, for those considering the cloud, it’s important to match up the location of your end
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VoIP call centers are growing, but there are performance fears

Afraid of VoIP in Your Call Center? Lean on Performance Monitoring
January 10, 2017 by

Network Performance Management

Even though mass-market VoIP technology has been available since 2004, adoption rates have proved underwhelming for the last decade. VoIP adoption rates have picked up in recent years, but business-critical use cases such as the call center still seem to lag behind cloud services adoption in other parts of the enterprise. As the era of
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AppNeta's weekly roundup of what's new in IT

IT’s Got the Networking Blues
January 6, 2017 by

Network Performance Management

Happy New Year! We’ve found some interesting news and analysis to kick off 2017. First, networking woes certainly haven’t disappeared. This CIO Insight story and accompanying survey data from networking professionals reflects some crucial concerns for IT networking teams today. For nearly three-quarters of respondents, network changes repeatedly cause performance issues, and 66% say that
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IT teams need the right tools to manage infrastructures.

BGP Is for Routing, Not Monitoring
January 4, 2017 by

Network Performance Management

BGP, the border gateway protocol, is a creaky old network routing protocol. It was updated last in 2006, but it still serves a useful purpose. Almost every packet that traverses the internet finds its way from source to destination via BGP routing. This is what BGP was designed for, and while it’s not always the
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Slow Office 365 performance is bad for employees.

Office 365 Is Stressing Enterprise Networks: Are Your Employees Suffering?
December 14, 2016 by

Network Performance Management

Moving business applications to the cloud seems like the holy grail for maximizing ROI and supporting an increasingly mobile and remote workforce. However, not all cloud migrations are created equal. Microsoft Office 365, in particular, is presenting challenges for enterprise networks. This isn’t like the old days, when IT upgraded one desktop per user to
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AppNeta's weekly roundup of what's new in IT

IT’s Got Money on Its Mind
December 9, 2016 by

Industry Insights, Network Performance Management

Happy Friday! From InformationWeek, we came across this story on the future of IT investment planning. It’s a great look at the shifts in IT roles that are happening as technology shifts take place in the data center and outside of it. The main takeaways here are that cloud services spending is practically guaranteed for
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A data center is full of boxes and wires

How Do You Measure Network Abstraction?
December 5, 2016 by

Network Performance Management

Back in the old days of networking, the parts of the whole were pretty easy to see. Network devices like routers and switches were in-house hardware, and the users accessing the network were probably in the same building as the network. In the same way, network performance was easy to see. The scope of troubleshooting
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Take Cyber Monday Off Your List of IT Fears
November 16, 2016 by

Network Performance Management, Performance Management Tech

IT’s job today is to keep user productivity high by providing a good app experience and well-running networks. There are plenty of challenges that can get in the way: shadow IT bringing in mystery SaaS apps, capacity planning and DDoS and other attacks. Not long ago, an event like Cyber Monday might have thrown yet
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Firefighting at Scale
September 7, 2016 by

Application Performance Management, Industry Insights

As many of our customers have discovered, constant firefighting of performance issues is not a sustainable plan for growth. It’s a common predicament, though. In many data centers now, older legacy applications are running some business functions, while newer SaaS and web-based apps are running others. They’re on different networks, with entirely different architectures. But
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